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Everything about the Lan Chi manhua is written and illustrated by Xu Lu Ako.[]


Orphanages in China aren't as uncommon as you may think. Even if they aren't big in numbers, you can still find them occasionally. Children of all ages live there, some with names and some without. And some are even unwillingly sent there. Ming Lan was one of these children. She was given her name by the woman who decided to adopt her after seeing her blue eyes which reminded her of her deceased daughter. The same name and eyes as that deceased child but not the same person. Just a substitute.

In her new house Ming Lan lives with new parents and two brothers. Neither of them welcomed her with all that warmly however and the father who never saw her as more than a stranger. While receiving fake smiles and pranks under her roof, Ming Lan doesn't show much reaction whatsoever. But does this mean that she has accepted her new family or is it something else? And even if she were to leave them, would she have anywhere to go, anyone to go to? Especially when it comes to show that Ming Lan isn't your usual emotionless orphan girl?

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