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Abandoned at an orphanage after birth,and later adopted to the Shang family. But out of Mr. Shang's own accord, was sent back to the orphanage. Taken back one year later. Afterward,Ming Qing 's personality drastically changed. Currently enrolled at a 9 years elevator (Middle School-College) private school,Ouxili Academy.

In chapter 98 his status is unknown after entering Julian's mansion.


Ming Qing is a very handsome and very attractive young man. He indigo blue hair, dark violet eyes and his skin is very pale and very fair.


Gentle, considerate and patient with adult-like maturity. Though he has a rather cunning and sly side to him too. Ming Qing seems to be very protective of those he cares about and is hell-bent on protecting them. He is the type to grab every opportunity and though he is obedient Qing isn't afraid to bend and the rules for his own gain.


in the official english version his name is changed to Victor Shang.